Projects 877E and 877EKM

Project 877E and 877EKM submarines are export modifications of Project 877; they make one of the most successful series in the non-nuclear shipbuilding of the late 20th century. Most advanced engineering solutions of the time were implemented in the submarines of these projects.

Lead Project 877E and 877EKM submarines were delivered to the navies of Poland and India in April, 1986. Over the past years the equipment, systems,  weapons and logistics have demonstrated their high reliability enabling the crew to fulfil with confidence their tasks in long patrols.

With their excellent capacities for upgrade, Project 877E and 877EKM submarines during scheduled repairs can be refitted with new equipment, electronic warfare and weapons, including missile weapons. The priority in refit is given to the combat efficiency to surpass foreign counterparts. To ensure this, the submarines are fitted with:-

  • state-of-the art cruise missiles to considerably increase effective weapon area;
  • new inertial navigation equipment with long-term data storage, which do not require correction, to feed data into the missile system when submerged;
  • new automated information and control system, which includes missile control subsystem, provides support for CO's tasks, outputs data for target designation, and controls missiles and torpedoes, and torpedo tubes.

The lead 877EKM submarine armed with Club-S missiles was built in 2000 at the Admiralty Shipyards in Saint Petersburg and once trials were successfully completed it was delivered to India.


877E and 877EKM Technical Details (pdf)